Housers Corner


The Final 2019 HUD Budget and Its Implications

March 12th Webinar 2019 funding slides March 12th webinar recording

Impact of the House and Senate bill funding levels on Vouchers

HCV state table 1-25-18

August 10, 2017 CBPP Update on Federal Housing Funding webinar


May 2, 2017 IP Memo

IP memo FY 2017 omnibus

2-16-17 Treacherous Road Ahead: Outlook for Federal Housing Funding and Policy

webinar presentation

April 25, 2016 IP Memo

IP memo Senate THUD

Obama FY2017 Memo

IP memo Obama FY 2017 2-11-16

FY 2016 Omnibus

IP memo omnibus 2016 12-18-15

February 26, 2015 Webinar materials

HCV utilization 2015-02-26_ recording  

2-3-15 President’s FY2016 Budget Request

IP memo FY 2016 request


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