Housers Corner


The Final 2019 HUD Budget and Its Implications

March 12th Webinar 2019 funding slides March 12th webinar recording

April 4, 2018 Final 2018 HUD Budget & Its Implications Webinar


May 17, 2017 Implications of Final 2017 HUD Appropriations Webinar

FY 2017 omnibus slides

April 6, 2016 “Increasing Housing Voucher Utilization,” Webinar

Presentation slides Transcript, A Dialogue with Amy Ginger, HUD Director of Housing Choice Voucher Programs, on How to Improve Housing..

March 3, 2016 Webinar: Understanding the Impact of H.R. 3700 on Tenants and Applicants

3-3-16 presentation

Messaging and Media Training Refresher for Housing Advocates July 8, 2015 Webinar

Messaging and Media for HCV advocacy presentation

May 21, 2015 Update on 2016 HUD Funding & Data You Can Use Webinar

THUD presentation            

Use of Housing Vouchers November 20, 2014 Webinar

HCV data funding w_Notes presentation

President’s 2015 Budget

CBPP webinar 3-7-14 Link to recording of March 7th Webinar

1-22-14 Update on HUD Program Funding in 2014 and the Future presentation

CBPP webinar combined 01-22-14


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